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We are the first call when it comes to the production of genuine legal documents like visas, passports, ID cards, driver's license, GMAT certificate, IELTS certificate and other documents.

We have over a decade experience in this business with experienced and highly trained staff. We also help customers produce and process UK, CA, US and EU passports and visas.

You can buy UK, CA, US and EU passports and visas from us and be rest assured that you are getting the real passport.

We can help you with real visa to countries like the US, UK, CA and EU. We have high quality technologies to ensure fast and quality production. We have an immigration lawyer to help those with more complicated issues to secure a solution.

We also work with people from different embassies and immigration office to make sure our documents comply with what the government put as a standard.

We are number one when it comes to the production of legal documents like resident permits, GMAT, driver's license, ID cards, passports, visas, IELTS and other documents.

Our lawyer is always present to make sure all real documents meet the government recommended standard and are registered in the supposed database system.

The only difference is that our fake documents are not registered into any database, and can't be used for any legal arrangement. Contact us right now lets give you that documents you need so badly.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help produce documents that our prospective customers need so badly and can't get anywhere in the required quality. We work with appropriate bodies to make sure we give our customers genuine documents that is government approved.

Our Vision

The ability to deliver the best for our customers in terms of production of genuine documents. We have high quality machines and well-trained staff to make this possible. Our immigration lawyer is always on ground to assist and also scrutinize all documents to make sure they meet government required standard.

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